Minimalism: how living with less really can really feel like living more

It’s week ninteen of 52 Weeks for Earth, the 52-week challenge to gradually reduce your impact on the planet. If you read Zero Waste Home for last week’s challenge, you might have begun to realise the importance of ‘having less’ in order to lessen your impact. That’s why this week’s challenge is to try become a minimalist.

Minimalism is choosing to live you life with simplicity and intention. It’s not just about having less material possessions, but choosing to focus on the things that give your life meaning, and not get distracted by putting value on all the rest. You’ll find the clarity gained from minimalism can really make your life more fulfilling, even if you don’t have the newest iPhone, or 20 different pairs of shoes.

By choosing everything in your life with intention, all of your possessions will have real functional purpose. Before you buy something, first ask yourself if you really ‘need‘ it. And, if it’s something you do really need, try and look for ways to get it without having to buy new. Perhaps you can ask your neighbours, or your facebook friends if they have one you can borrow. Or you might be able to find it second hand. When you buy something choose a functional (or multi-functional) product, made from quality materials, built to last and be repaired. 

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