Why countless people are attending the Global Climate Strike on Sept 20, and you should be too.

This Friday, September 20, 2019 is the Global Climate Strike, so your challenge this week is to attend the strike! Visit globalclimatestrike.net to find your local strike event.

At 52 Weeks For Earth, I’ve mostly focused on actions individuals can take to minimise their impact. And while this effort is valuable, it is not individuals who are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions. It is corporations and big business responsible for ongoing acts that should be considered crimes against the environment, and humanity. And it is our governments, who are allowing and enabling businesses to continue, despite knowing that their actions have been causing climate change, since the 1980’s.

The time for change is now. We cannot wait any longer. Every day we allow emissions to continue at this scale, we further lock in more drastic changes to the global climate cycles.

We need all people, of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds to be involved in this movement. This is the only planet we have, and we need to fight for it.

I don’t have all the answers, and nor does any other individual. That’s why we all need to unite and work together. We need to collaborate on a sustainable future that suits all of us. And unless we stand up and tell our governments that it’s time to listen and collaborate, it will not happen.

Let’s put aside our differences and disagreements, and meet where we all agree on; we all want a world that is habitable for humans, now and for future generations. And that is what is seriously at stake. Join the global movement, this Friday. Our very future depends on it.

RSVP to your local Global Climate Strike here, and don’t forget to invite your friends and share on social media (here’s some helpful resources).

Will you be striking on September 20th? Tell us where you’ll be attending the Global Climate Strike on Facebook!

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